“I never think of the future – it comes soon enough” : Albert Einstein

Despite Einstein’s undoubted wisdom, wouldn’t it be great if your organisation could gain some insight into what the future has in store?

Angell Sloan Research cannot predict the future – but we can help you to make well informed decisions that will benefit your organisation.

Through our wide range of innovative research options and consultancy services at prices that are both competitive and affordable, our aim at Angell Sloan Research is to prepare you for the future because, unlike Einstein, we do believe that it matters.

Angell Sloan Research provides a range of market research and consultancy services to businesses, educational providers and policy makers.

Using our extensive research experience and passion for providing answers to difficult questions, we guarantee our clients will be satisfied with
the service delivered.

Brittany Ferries

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ASR are pleased to announce another project in our long-term relationship with Brittany Ferries running through the Summer of 2012.

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    ‘...public opinion matters and only a fool will enter the fray ignorant and unprepared...’

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